Residency Program at The Glasner Studio


About the Residency

Edgar Miller Legacy facilitates the creation, performance, and exhibition of a variety of artistic mediums including music, visual arts, and writing, through access to the historic Glasner Studio. The Studio remains today a holistically created live-work space designed with artists and creatives in mind, and offers an environment that embodies a unique history, aesthetic, and spirit of open innovation. By inviting artists into this incredible handmade home and inspirational space, we seek to foster a unique experience of quietude and creativity. 

All residency projects culminate in an intimate performance, showcase, or exhibition for a small public audience of the work that the artist produces during their residency tenure.

We encourage interested composers, musicians, writers, dancers, and artists to fill out the form below to be considered for the program. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Due to the limited availability of the Glasner Studio, please note that we can only host a small number of artists per year. All applicants will be reviewed by a committee and given equal consideration.



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Please include a personal description of your artistic method and any personal sources of inspiration.
Please include how you heard about Edgar Miller Legacy and the Glasner Studio; and how and why you wish to use your residency time in the space. Please also share any dates planned for availability.
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