Edgar Miller Legacy advances the appreciation of the life, philosophy and work of Edgar Miller. 

         Within these web page walls you will find the history and artistic vision of the late great American artist Edgar Miller.

        Edgar was a highly talented and driven artist, but what made his work stand out most of all was his ability to translate his ideas into nearly any and all mediums he put his hands upon: painting, sculpture, printmaking, woodcarving, iron working, stained glass and more.

       Because of this, Edgar always found work, and stuck to a work ethic of never refusing any idea he found interesting, even if it didn't pay much, or at all. From the time he was a boy growing up in Idaho until his death after a long, fruitful life, Edgar worked tirelessly at his craft, finding ways nearly every day to create something unique and beautiful.

        Edgar Miller was no saint—he would espouse as much—but he was a visionary artist and continues to inspire us today with his creative philosophy. We invite you to learn more by browsing our website's pages on Miller's history, artworks, and legacy.


Edgar Miller Legacy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization developed by a group of admirers of Miller's work who have worked for many decades to preserve his art and the "handmade homes" he created in Chicago. The goals of our organization are to preserve and promote Miller as an overlooked artistic genius, encourage study and research on his life and body of work, act as a resource for educational institutions and organizations, and to provide exclusive experience within Miller-designed spaces. Please subscribe to our mailing list for more information about upcoming events and programs, as well as tour announcements.